Design for a tattoo for myself

a few of the sketches from my trip to Vienna

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A quick something before I go to Vienna and forget

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Maybe ill start a series of postcards. Have an owl for a start!

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just some sketches from london

I will be in London next week seeing all kind of musicals (finally!) So here’s my contribution to Les Art Amis for this week.

I was fooling around in photoshop when suddenly chibi!grantaire

i feel like i should send him on adventures

i tried my hand at digital art and failed completely

So here’s the result


I knew there was a reason I dont paint digitally…

but canvases are expensive…

I swear to god, I’ve never hated anyone’s face as much as I hated Fra’s face during this…

I think I did around five or six different versions of this with various media and this is the result of what happened when I finally took up colored pencils. (which doesn’t cooperate well with my camera apparently, sorry for the bad quality, I swear I put effort in this)

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